house floodIf your home flooded recently, you are probably under a great deal of stress. A flood can cause an incredible amount of damage. It can ruin furniture, drywall, electronics, and other prized possessions.

However, that isn’t the only damage that a flood can cause. A flood can also pose some major health hazards. While you have a lot on your plate right now, you should be aware of all of the potential problems facing you. If you can avoid these issues, it will be that much easier for you to reclaim your life.

Germs And Bacteria

When water comes into your home, it is often carrying germs and bacteria in it. In a number of cases, some of the water that enters the home is actually sewage water.

Until your home is fully cleaned, anyone that enters the home will be exposed to all of that bacteria. They could become very ill because of this. In fact, in regions where major flooding has occurred, serious disease outbreaks have taken place.

You need to make sure that your home is cleaned by trained professionals that know how to get rid of germs and bacteria. If you work with water restoration specialists, they will be able to ensure that your home is truly clean again. They can get rid of contamination that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Respiratory Issues

When there is a lot of water in the home, it can quickly become very musty. This can cause some respiratory issues. If someone in your home has a condition that makes them prone to respiratory issues, such as asthma, this can be a big concern.

One of your primary goals should be to air your home out. If the weather allows, leave your windows open all day long. Place a number of fans in the home so that air will be able to circulate. In addition, you should make sure that you use a dehumidifier. This will be able to rid your home of any moisture that still remains.


One of the most dangerous problems associated with flooding may not show up immediately. If a part of your home isn’t properly cleaned, mold may start to grow. If that mold isn’t killed, it will begin to spread. Eventually, that mold could wind up taking over your home completely.

If you spot any mold, you should make sure you address it the right way. It’s a good idea to clean it with bleach; bleach can kill mold in an instance. If you work with water restoration professionals, they will be able to make sure that there is no mold present in your home.

Flooding can be a complete nightmare. No one wants to see their home destroyed by water. However, if you are able to avoid these health hazards, you will slowly but surely be able to get your life back to normal. You will be able to clean up your house, get rid of the water, and live a happy, healthy life.

Who Can Help?

You first need to call your home insurance provider and let them know there has been a lot of water damage to the property. A lot of times they will recommend a local water damage restoration company to assist with repairing and cleaning the home. Restoration companies can tackle all types of water damage to all parts of your house and can even clean up mold if your water damage happened previously. Most restoration companies will work directly with your insurance provider and make the process very simple. When I was living in Pueblo, Colorado area several years ago we used Water Damage Colorado Springs ( They did an excellent job and if you happen to live in the Denver to Colorado Springs area I would highly recommend them. For most of our readers here in Anchorage, you can use We have heard good things from them, so give them a try next time you need water damage restoration (hopefully never).

Environmental Pollutionpollution

Environmental pollution, be it water-based, land-based or air-based is increasing becoming an issue with regards to the human health across the globe. The poor quality of air around the world is being blamed for the increasing incidences of respiratory problems and ailments such as asthma.

In the case of land and water pollution, scientists and health experts have linked health complications to these kinds of environmental pollution; such as increased chemical accumulation in people.

Climate Change

Regardless of whether or not you believe that human activities are the main cause and contributor to the changes we are witnessing in climatic patterns one thing remains clear; climate change is exposing more and more people diseases. Some experts say that the increasing temperature is broadening the malaria prone zones in Africa, whereby areas that did not experience malaria are reporting an increasing number of malaria cases.

Other issues caused by climate change include malnutrition, mostly in the lower and middle-income countries.

stop cancerCancer

Cancer is a menace to the health system of countries around of the world. In some quotas, it is believed to cause more death than HIV, tuberculosis and Malaria combined in the middle and low-income countries. This mind boggling statistics only get grimmer when you consider that poverty level in some of the second and third world are increasing. This means, more and more people are increasingly becoming unable to afford cancer treatment. Death for cancer patients without access to proper treatment is inevitable and an eventuality in such instances.

Emergence Of New Strains Of Viruses

Although effort around the globe to eradicate long-standing viruses such as HIV and Polio have borne, global health systems are facing the emergence of ‘new’ viruses that have not been experienced before, or at least not as global issues. Case in point, Zika virus whose spread has reached global proportions in 2016.

Another virus that caught the attention of global health players is the Ebola virus, which broke out in West Africa 2014-2015. The virus shock the world as we were ill-prepared to deal with such a ravaging and traumatizing virus.

With regards to the emergence of such virus, questions still linger on whether the world is prepared to deal with virus outbreaks, especially considering how extensive global interactions are these days. You will want to make sure your health is always checked and even see a health and wellness clinic to have a round of nutritional counseling done to see what foods your body loves and hates. It might sound a little odd but it goes a long way in developing a healthy lifestyle.


The long-standing struggle to rid the world of HIV continues. However, with over half of the people who have the virus not knowing that they are suffering from it, the prospects of ending this epidemic are not so bright.

Child Mortality

Child mortality is another health issue that is seemingly becoming a bigger problem every passing year. However, it should be noted that child mortality is almost exclusively experienced in the lower and middle-income countries. It is said to be caused by high poverty levels, and high illiteracy levels that are experienced in these countries.

These problems and many more are the worldwide health problems we face today. Although there are efforts being taken to address these problems, more effort and certainly more investment is needed.

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in the world. With it comes many benefits. From promoting healthy bone and muscle growth to being able to lower high blood pressure, it is an essential vitamin to get into our systems. With that being said, a majority of people throughout the entire world are not getting enough vitamin D. The cause of this is generally different among differing populations. However, the result is very bad regardless of the cause. Studies have shown that vitamin D can cause numerous health problems. In this article, we will be going over some of the main health problems it can cause.

Some Of The Different Health Problems Caused By A Lack Of Vitamin D:

1. Dementiadementia pic

This is one of the biggest health problems that can be directly related to vitamin D deficiency. A study published in 2014 actually showed that even moderate deficiency in older adults can double the risk of someone suffering from dementia. While the research has not clearly defined what it is that causes this, it is directly correlated. It is suspected that the sunshine vitamin is able to effectively clear plaques located in the brain that can be directly linked to dementia.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

This is another health problem that has been linked to vitamin D deficiency. In 2014 a study showed that men that suffered from this health problem had significantly lower levels of vitamin D than men with mild ED. Thus, it can be interpreted that the more intake of vitamin D and the more vitamin D in the body, the less likely you are going to be to suffer from this health condition. Because this affects nearly 30 million men in the USA, it is one of the most prominent health problems that can be directly connected to a lack of vitamin D in the body.

3. Paruresis (Shy Bladder Syndrome)

Paruresis, or more commonly known as shy or bashful bladder, is the fear and/or inability to urinate in a public setting. The lack of vitamin D plays a vital role in shy bladder victims by causing the brain to malfunction like it does with dementia, but in a different way. It gives men and women of all ages “stage fright” when trying to use the restroom in public. Some are scared people will attack them while urinating and others are just not comfortable with people hearing them use the bathroom. Paruresis effects approximately 25 million people worldwide and it’s not widely talked about simply because it’s rather embarrassing.

4. Prostate Cancer

Believe it or not, but prostate cancer has also been linked to those that have severe deficiencies of the vitamin. A study also published in 2014 showed that low levels of vitamin D and prostate cancer is directly correlated. Researchers for the study simply took around 650+ men aged anywhere from 40 to 79 and examined them. The results showed that the men with low vitamin D levels were much more likely to test positive for cancer than those that did not have low levels.

All in all, vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that you are going to be able to supplement on. Because we can only get adequate amounts of vitamin D from the sun and not through our diet, supplementation is one of the best ways to really optimize our diets. This way, you are able to get enough vitamin D without putting your skin health at risk due to sun over exposure. Be sure to really test your levels to ensure that you are getting enough all of the time.

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Public health nursing is contributing every day to the improvement of the health of Alaskans and their families. Nurses work with communities to solve public health concerns and to create community solutions that will improve the health of all Alaskans in the years to come. There are many challenges in public health in Alaska — and you can help public health nursing to be ready for them!

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